Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weblinks and Suggestions Targeting The Roots


1. Vijay Anand from Chennai... he has been a bootstrapping expert in canada and has now moved to help out companies in India ..he is the guy behind which is regarded as the first bootstrapping event in india. ps: the next event is in jan in chen guys in india can seriously look forward to attending the event.

Now, viay too has started a small intiative for repairing potholes on the roads in chennai. its called IFIX -
Also here :

2. One Arvind on the internet for him..You will get all details

3. I recently got info abt a cool intitiative by an IIT alumnus
Dunno the detail though.You guys are the best judge.


A website maintained by the wife of an IAS officer who is fighting for transparency in govt.!


A website for RTI

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